here’s a novel idea: how about when you come back to the residence hall at 1:30 am on a tuesday, you don’t blast your music in the parking lot and you don’t shout at your friends. then when you finally come inside, shut the fuck up so you don’t wake people up.

I feel like a really bad RA right now because residents came to my door with concerns and I directed them to the RAs on duty instead of just handling it myself.



And now I haven’t even heard the duty ra’s show up yet and it’s been a while and what if something bad is happening and I’m just a bad RA and they trust me and I’m not helping but it’s 5am and I’m in bed and and and :/
This probably is barely relatable to anyone unless you are an RA or know an RA. I’m worried and feeling guilty about this and bleh.

You have to take time for yourself , don’t feel bad!

Derek The RA Defends His Email, Says He Was Kidding (Photo)



Derek, the UConn resident assistant whose email went viral, is trying to save some face today.

Derek has been tormented on the Internet for what he wrote to his residents, including saying they were “cheering for laundry” and telling them to “have fun, but not too much fun.”

One of Derek’s residents, Connecticut student Dan Gibson, tweeted out a pictureof another email that he sent Tuesday, which…

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